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Woody's For Men Daily Shampoo


The perfect way to awaken ones' senses in the morning, Woody's For Men Daily Shampoo is tailored to provide an enriching and refreshing cleanse to those with normal to oily scalps. The paraben-free blend of natural ingredients aren't just there to provide an alluring aroma; each addition has its every benefit utilized to make the very most of them. As a result hair will have an unmatched clean feeling, with continuous usage helping hair become thicker, strong and generally healthier over time.

Woody's For Men Styling Gel


Promising light to medium hold with reliability for daily use, Woody's For Men Styling Gel may not be the flashiest item in their catalogue but it's one that certainly delivers on its numerous aims. Chief among this is the ability to offer control over unruly hair without causing it to go stiff, with the gel's non-flake formula making it a perfect blow dry aid. Regardless of your hair's texture or length, chances are it could benefit from a little bit more style, which this alcohol-free gel provides.

Woody's Brickhead Matte Gel


Strong hold without the tacky shine - Woody's Brickhead Matte Gel delivers a classy look for easy styling.

Woody's Messy Wax


Make it messy with Woody's Messy Wax Stick - great for unlocking dishevelled and bedhead looks.

Woody's Tuff Spray


Turn up that texture with Woody's Tuff Spray - great for adding big volume to your style.

Woody's For Men Pomade


Pushing pomades thoroughly into the 21st century, Woody's For Men Pomade is a fantastic means of providing texture and definition to hair that's also entirely water soluble. As strong a hold as any pomade available on the market with even greater shine, there's still plenty of flexibility, allowing for alteration on the go. So no matter how busy you are, there's no reason not to keep your style looking its best throughout the day.

Woody's For Men Headwax


Few products embody the Woody's For Men philosophy better than their Headwax, a fiercely natural assembly of ingredients in one classic pomade-esque product. Don't let the timeless nature of its packaging and texture fool you, however; Headwax is thoroughly for modern men everywhere. Providing as much definition as needed, the considerable hold ensures your finished style won't go anywhere in a hurry with alteration possibilities aplenty.

Woody's Mold It styling paste


For that cool, casual matte look your need some Woody's Mold It Styling Paste.

Woody's For Men Mega Firm Gel


Echoing the decade's old barber staple, Woody's For Men Mega Firm Gel does more than just freeze hair in place better than the competition. The alcohol free formula also provides a significant body boost to hair, accompanying it with a healthy looking shine for a combined finished of classic excellence.

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